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Mission to Mars

Halfway through the process of his mission for the NASA, Cyprien Verseux who graduated from Sup’Biotech 3 years ago, gave some news by webcam to the journalists of TF1.

He explained how his living conditions with the other members of the mission were getting a bit more difficult as time passes. But he is very optimistic with the fact that they will rapidly manage to get over the different tensions that can occur between them. Since they are spending a year together, cut off of the outside world, they are all aware that such tensions are likely to happen after being confined for 6 months.

Cyprien has yet not forgotten one of the main goals of his mission which is, as a biologist, to study the development of cyanobacteria and different organisms in such conditions.

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We wish him to continue enjoying his mission with his fellow staff members and hear from him soon!

If you want to ask Cyprien questions about his special mission, you can by sending a mail to this address: communication@supbiotech.fr .

Posted on : 6 June 2016
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