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About Sup'Biotech

Sup’Biotech is part of the IONIS Education Group’s technology campus. The school shares its buildings and resources in the Paris suburb of Villejuif with EPITA, an engineering school specialized in computer science.

More than 3500 students study at the Kremlin-Bicêtre and Villejuif campus where they share laboratories, classrooms and facilities.
Student life on campus is greatly enriched by more than 30 student clubs and associations.

Sup’Biotech students have access to:

  • Computer Laboratories for IT project work: 2,000 computers throughout the Villejuif and
  • High-speed internet: connection currently at 500Mps for campus users only
  • Multi-disciplinary and specialized laboratories for chemistry and biology work
  • Bio-Informatics Laboratory
  • Library
  • Cafeteria

The Sup’Biotech administrative services are also located on campus

Research structures located close by

Healthcare and innovation are cornerstones of the local economy: Sup’Biotech is affiliated with several education and research entities located close by:

Privately Endowed Graduate Educational Institution - Education Authority of Créteil Registration - This school is a member of IONIS Education Group such as :