Job/Emploi : CellTechs is looking for its next Asst. Prof. (Enseignant-Chercheur)

The CellTechs laboratory is recruiting !

Assistant Professor (Enseignant-Chercheur) in Pluripotent Stem Cell Biology

IPS cells, Organoids, Neurodegenerative Disorders, CRISPR-Cas9, 3D Imaging, Disease Modeling

Research Mission

The candidate must demonstrate excellent research skills. The candidate should also have good communication, networking and adaptation skills. He/she must be able to work in a team and play a leading role in setting up and managing research projects.

The candidate’s research activity will be integrated with those of the CELLTECHS laboratory (see website), dedicated to neurodegenerative disease modeling using organoids.

The research mission will include, but not be limited to :

  • Taking the lead on currently financed projects (2019-2022) [ ie. generation and characterization of cerebral organoids from different IPS disease models]
  • Developing new collaborations, and construct partnerships with the private industry.
  • Ensuring that the research activity of the CellTechs laboratory is well represented in the scientific community:
  • Participate to scientific meetings and congresses
  • Publishing the results obtained in international peer-reviewed journals (research articles and reviews, proficiency in scientific writing)
  • Taking part in national and international scientific societies and committees
  • Participating to the funding of the laboratory, through applying to grants, collaborative exchanges and/or contract research service.
  • Contributing to the laboratory management tasks with the other members of the laboratory.

To conduct these tasks, the CellTechs laboratory has a full-time research technician and can recruit students as interns or assistants at different academic levels (Academic Year 2 to 5).

The candidate is required to be experienced and have a publication record using the following techniques :

  • Pluripotent stem cells (reprogramming, banking, quality control, banking)
  • IPS cell differentiation methods
  • Organoid and 3D culturing
  • Genetic engineering (CRISPR, lentiviral)
  • Imaging (Optical clearing, Light-Sheet 3D microscopy, Open-Source 3D imaging software)
  • Biochemistry, Immunohistochemistry and Molecular biology (IHC, IF, WB, QPCR)

The candidate will ideally have complementary expertise in one of the following fields :

  • [if !supportLists]Microfluidics
  • [if !supportLists]Next Generation Sequencing
  • [if !supportLists]Bioinformatics

Teaching Mission

The teaching mission is capped at 150 hours of teaching/year.

Teaching will include :

– Providing teaching in the field of R&D in various pedagogical forms (full classes, workshops, practicals…)

– Participating in the development of programmes and courses (academic year 1 to 5), according to the profile and expertise of the candidate.

– Different pedagogical responsibilities will be expected to be conducted (internship evaluation, program coordination, project tutoring…)

Job title

Enseignant-Chercheur en CDI Contrat à durée indéterminée de droit privé (association loi 1901), niveau cadre

(Full-time, long-term position, private sector)

Location: Research will be conducted at CellTechs (collaborative laboratory at CEA Fontenay-aux-Roses) and teaching will be conducted at the Sup’Biotech campus (Villejuif).

Full job description

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How to apply

A letter of application, accompanied by a curriculum vitae outlining research activities, teaching experience and possibly a letter of recommendation should be sent to :

[email protected]