[Processus clos] Enseignant-Chercheur en Biotechnologies pour Sup’Biotech Lyon


Assistant Professor at Sup’Biotech Lyon (France)
Enseignant-Chercheur à Sup’Biotech Lyon

Pluripotent Stem Cells, Biofabrication, Tissue Engineering



The research project proposed by the candidate should have a particular focus on one or several of the following topics:
IPS cells, Organoids, Biofabrication, Bioprinting, Cell biology, Disease Modeling
CRISPR-Cas9, 3D Imaging, NGS, Neurodegenerative diseases, Microfluidics


Sup’Biotech Lyon inaugurated its campus in 2020 to train engineers in the
diverse fields of biotechnology. As part of our development, we are hiring an
Assistant Prof (Enseignant-Chercheur) in life science. The position is to be
filled on a full-time basis, and teaching will take place at Sup’Biotech Lyon’s campus. 


Assistant Professor (Enseignant-Chercheur)
Nature Research and Teaching
Type Full-time, long-term position, private higher education sector

(Contrat à durée indéterminée de droit privé, niveau cadre)

Engineering School Sup’Biotech
Laboratory Based in Lyon, the candidate is encouraged
to propose a host laboratory located in Lyon
where his/her research could be performed


The research mission will be carried out in Lyon, in coordination with Sup’Biotech’s Cell Engineering laboratory, CellTechs which is located in Fontenay-aux-Roses (France). CellTechs [1] works mainly on modeling neurodegenerative diseases with stem cells and tissue engineering (such as organoids) techniques and 3D imaging. CellTechs is aiming at conducting new collaborative projects developing innovative strategies to devise new applications in the field of IPS cell research. Taking advantage of the high level of the institutional environment of the Lyon metropolitan area, CellTechs is hiring its next Asst Prof. in coordination with Sup’Biotech Lyon. Candidates are encouraged to propose a project as well as a host laboratory in Lyon’s academic environment with which a contractual partnership could be set up and which could host the candidate as an associate member.

Projects on tissue engineering and/or 3D biofabrication techniques using pluripotent stem cells (with applications such as cell therapy, ADME-Tox, Disease modeling, drug screening) are favored, but not limited to these applications. Possibilities of using NGS, single cell transcriptomic techniques, CRISPR-Cas9 GE, 3D imaging (light-sheet microscopy) and/or microfluidics could represent a plus.

The candidate must demonstrate excellent research skills, demonstratable by a publication track record and a capacity to obtain funding. The candidate should also have good communication, networking and adaptation skills. He/she must be able to work in a team and play a leading role in setting up and managing research projects. Sup’Biotech trains engineers who are recruited in the Biotech industry. For this reason, candidates with a previous post-doctoral experience in the private sector and knowledge of the industry is a plus.

Candidates should :

> Be able to take the lead on a partnering project between the host laboratory and the main CellTechs laboratory (Fontenay-aux-Roses, France)

>Ensure that regular milestones are met :

o   Publish results in international peer-reviewed journals (research articles and reviews, proficiency in scientific writing).

o   Apply to research grants, developing collaborative exchanges and/or industrial collaborations.


The candidate will accompany students towards the success of their engineering studies in biotechnology. To do so, he/she will be in charge of several courses in Sup’Biotech engineering students’ curriculum. The subjects to be taught are mainly Biology and Biochemistry (courses, tutorials, practical work) as well as subjects related to these (ie. bacteriology, virology, biochemistry techniques..). The courses to be taught may vary from one year to the other, under the responsibility of Sup’Biotech Lyon’s academic department. A detailed curriculum for the courses to be taught will be given to the candidate. The total number of hours per year will be limited to 192 hours (Equivalent TD :  excluding correction and preparation). The courses are to be given in French for the preparatory cycle (Biotech 1 and Biotech 2, 1st and 2nd years) and in English for the engineering cycle (Biotech 3, 3rd year).

Administrative Activities and related duties:

·     Mid-internship evaluation meetings with students from all years (1 to 5)

·     Participation to project and internship defense juries

·     Tutoring biotechnology projects developed by groups of students.

·      The hired teacher may also be involved in routine administrative activities  under the direction of the Lyon campus director as well as in event activities (student fairs, open days and Advance Jury exams…). These events may take place on weekends and/or outside the school and will then be subject to either equivalent time off or additional pay.


Ø  Pedagogy, patience, listening, helping students succeed;

Ø  Autonomy, organization and anticipation skills;

Ø  Ability to work and coordinate mutually with Sup’Biotech Lyon (8 people) as well as with the larger national Sup’Biotech Paris department in order to ensure  the synchronization of courses between the two sites;

Ø  The ability to make proposals for the continuous improvement of the courses to be conducted;

Ø  Fluency in English and in French (Courses are taught in both languages)

[1] CellTechs website https://int-ecole-org.flywheelstaging.com/celltechs

Degree required :
The candidate must hold a PhD in biological science.Language:
The candidate must be proficient in both French and  English (courses given in both languages)

Experience :
Candidates with previous teaching experience at the Undergraduate (Licence or Master’s degree) will be favoured. The candidate should have experience in multiple professional settings, and have contributed actively to published research projects (first author). Experience in the industry or private sector is a plus.

Research will be conducted at the host laboratory in the Lyon Metropolital area. Teaching will be conducted at Sup’Biotech Lyon’s campus (156 Rue Paul Bert, 69003 Lyon).

Long-term contract
CDI de droit privé, temps plein, niveau cadre. Employer : Sup’Biotech.Gross salary : from 38 k€ to 42 k€ /year (according to experience) + additional company benefits
Salaire annuel brut compris entre 38 k€ et 42 k€ selon expérience,
carte ticket restaurant, plan participation entreprises, comité d’entreprise.

Start Date: January, 2023

Candidates should fill the following online submission form : https://vu.fr/ECSBL22F

Please send us by email your letter of application,  a CV outlining research activities and teaching experience as well as a letter of recommendation when possible.
Interviews with research and teaching staff will be organized upon preselection of candidates .

Additional information can be obtained from :

[email protected] and [email protected]