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International Assistance

Studying abroad requires preparation: not only do you have to submit your application, you also have to make sure that you’re ready to travel to another country for an extended period of time. Planning ahead will help you make the most of your experience.


If you are not a French citizen, you will need show proof of identity and submit official documents to the immigration authorities when you enter the EU for the first time.

The required documents can vary, depending on where you are coming from, your nationality, the reason you are visiting, how long you plan to stay in France, etc.

getting ready to immigrate in france

European Union nationals are entitled to stay in France with their valid EU identification (passport).

Non-EU nationals must apply for a long-stay visa before arriving in France, and they must check the process with the consular authorities in their home countries: requirements may depend upon country-specific agreements and are subject to change.
Basic documents required at visa application are: a valid passport, purpose of stay statement (acceptance letter) and a local address in France.

Health Insurance

EU nationals must have a European Health Insurance card issued by the appropriate authorities of their originating country, as well as a photocopy of this document (or the E128 form).

Non-EU nationals will automatically have to join the French social security system upon registration. The cost of Social Security is usually around 90€ per year.
Supplemental health insurance that covers the difference between medical costs incurred and the Social Security reimbursements is not mandatory but is recommended.

Money Matters

France is part of the European Union and uses the euro as its national currency. We recommend that you exchange or withdraw some euros upon your arrival at the airport. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other major credit card companies are widely used in France, but you should contact your bank to inquire about foreign transaction fees. Students staying over three months will need a French bank account to use automated services. Most banks require: a valid passport, proof of address, and alien registration card (non-EU nationals only) to open a bank account.


Finding appropriate housing can be challenging. You can either find your own accommodation, or the school can help you look for a room or an apartment.

International students receive priority access to student housing, but Sup’Biotech cannot be held responsible for not finding students accommodation.

If you require housing assistance prior to arrival, please write to us at: as soon as you receive your Acceptance Letter in order to begin the process.

Options for students

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Sup’Biotech works with English speaking banking partners which allow you to open an account and use a French credit card.

CAF: Caisse d’Allocations Familiales – The French Family Benefit Fund

Once you found your accommodation in France, you can apply to the CAF which helps you financially to pay your rent. All students who are citizen from a European Union Country or have a valid residence permit can apply to the CAF.
As the website is in French (https://www.caf.fr/), our team helps you with proceedings.

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