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SupBiotech is a private engineering school located in the Paris metropolitan area, specializing in the diverse fields of the Biotechnology sector. SupBiotech is part of the IONIS Institute of Technology’s technology cluster. IONIS is France’s leading private higher education group; its technology cluster also includes EPITA and Epitech, schools specializing in computer sciences and information technology, as well as IPSA, an aeronautics engineering school.

SupBiotech’s curriculum is a multidisciplinary balance between science and engineering coursework (lectures, practical laboratory work and projects), management skillsindustrial know-how. Our students also learn about the domestic and international biotechnology markets. SupBiotech’s professors come from diverse training and educational backgrounds, such as universities, research centers and industry.

SupBiotech’s five-year program includes two degree programs that correspond to the new European standards.

  • Our three-year undergraduate program, leads to a Bachelor’s degree from SupBiotech. Upon completion of our two-year graduate program, students are awarded the Biotechnology Engineer Degree
  • In our graduate program, students choose a major and a minor such as Research and Development, Production or Sales and Marketing.
  • Students must complete a total of 300 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) units during their five years in order to be granted the Biotechnology Engineer Degree from SupBiotech.

About SupBiotech

SupBiotech is a school specialized in Biotechnology which provide an
innovative course taught over 5 years after the highschool Degree.
The school is close to both the world of scientific research as well as the
corporate world ans has signed partnerships with universities globally.
Graduates gain quick access to senior position both in France and
abroad in such fields as health and pharmaceuticals, food-processing
innovation, cosmetics, bioinformatics or the environment.
The studies, combining academic fundamentals, student projects and
internships are divided into two parts according to European standards:
the preparatory cycle (2 years) and the engineering cycle (3 years).
Sup’Biotech’s Biotechnology engineering program is accredited by
Medicen Paris Région and Industries and Agro-Resources (I.A.R.).
Sup’Biotech also offers an apprenticeship program starting at the
baccalaureate level, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology,
which is accessible after highschool Degree.


Privately Endowed Graduate Educational Institution - Education Authority of Créteil Registration - This school is a member of IONIS Education Group such as :