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Community life

Community and Cultural

There is a very active community life at SupBiotech. Every year a new association flourishes at the school. Each association is given support, advice and project backing. Students enjoy a genuine source of personal development. They develop qualities essential in their professional lives: leadership, the ability to better themselves and a sense of responsibility.

Associations : the center of student life

Community life is a fundamental part of the educational project at the school. Being part of an association is a rewarding experience, something to include in your CV and highlight in job interviews. Life on campus is created in this way, bringing the different years together.

The associations at SupBiotech are involved in various areas (professional life, sport, charity, leisure and culture, music…), and the central association is the student office whose main objective is to shape student life with the organisation of regular events.

It is the hub of student life and students elect a new team every year.  

BDE Féeromone (Social club)

It organises student life in different ways:

  • Welcoming new students,
  • Forum of associations,
  • Integration week-end,
  • Christmas ball,
  • Ski week,
  • Sale of drinks, pancakes, cakes,
  • End of year ball at a prestigious venue,
  • Charity fundraising,
  • Student/teacher participation in different events

Contact : [email protected]

Stop VSS

The Stop VSS association aims at fighting against gender-based and sexual violence within SupBiotech. They focus on promoting equality and security for all through raising awareness, prevention, and monitoring and supporting events.

Contact : [email protected]

SupBiotech Alumni

The role of the the Alumni association is to establish a network of former students to perpetuate the school’s culture and make it permanent by favouring professional exchanges in the future. The importance of a graduate network for business and career development is obvious, so being part of an alumni association is a further guarantie for a successful beginning to one’s professional life.

Contact : [email protected]

Au’R Kestra

Au’r Kestra  is an association focusing on music practice taking part in various association events. Musicians and singers get together every week to fulfill their passion for music. 

Contact : [email protected]

BD2S (Bureau des Sports de SupBiotech)

The BD2S brings SupBiotech students together for different sports events:

  • Yoga/ pilates
  • Boxe 
  • Football

BD2S facilitates student representation in SupBiotech sports events such as the Ultimate Five Student, The Colour Run and even football tournaments. A sports week has been organized over the last few years to challenge the students in sporting events and different after-work gatherings.  

Contact : [email protected]

Bio Campus

Bio Campus is an ecological association for the SupBiotech and EPITA campuses. Through their work this association hopes to improve the schools’ environmental impact and develop a more eco-responsible campus. Its objectives are to make students more aware of sustainable development (screenings, debates, organic product tasting…), improve quality of life through the implementation of various projects (biodiversity, urban installations…) and address current issues. Bio Campus is known through the events organized every year by members of the association such as the Nature Festival, and awareness conferences and workshops. The association also has an allotment to exploit their knowledge of permaculture and develop on-campus biodiversity.

Contact : [email protected]

Bureau des arts (BDA)

SupBiotech Artistic office offers different weekly workshops for all levels.

Activities include crochet and knitting, painting and drawing, and discussion groups on films and literature.

The BDA occasionally organises special after-work activities, such as the making of  personalized tote bags, or you can help yourself to a free banner for some creative painting creative !

Just pop in, we’re waiting for you !

Contact : [email protected]

Beer Lambiert

Beer-Lambiert is a SupBiotech fermentation association. But do you know what products are fermented? Products that French people consume every day:

  • Dairy products: cheese, yoghurt…
  • Bread
  • Alcoholic beverages: wine, beer, mead
  • Soft drinks: kombucha, coffee (the beans are fermented), cocoa in hot chocolate  
  • Vegetables: sauerkraut, kimchi
  • A speciality from Lyon: saucisson (fermented skin) 

The Beer-Lambiert association will teach you to make all that.

We have already produced several different beers, mead, mozzarella and kimchi…

You can ferment a lot of things (for example, carrot alcohol). If you’re a bit inquisitive and feel like having a go, come and join us!    

We get together every 2 months and organise an outing once a month ! 

Contact : [email protected]


Cosmé’Tech gives students the opportunity to explore the basics in cosmetics. The association organises workshops where you can make your own cosmetics and take home your own sparkly eye liner, bath balls, and exfoliants. Moreover, via social media, the association posts information about innovative products in cosmetics: raw materials, galenic formulations or even dates of future trade shows.

Contact : [email protected]


Ephémère is a photography club on the digital campus of Paris Sud in the IONIS group. SupBiotech has created a privileged partnership with this association, present at all the events. Éphémère also provides all the images in the school brochures.

Contact : [email protected]


iGEM IONIS is an association that unites all students from the schools in the IONIS group, especially at Sup’Biotech, EPITA, ESME and IPSA. This team puts together a project to present at iGEM, the prestigious international competition for synthetic biology created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, organised every autumn in Paris. 

In 2023, the team has been working on the Clean Heat project: a heating and water treatment system based on the co-culture of microalgae and bacteria. 

Contact : [email protected]


Innov’eat is an association that develops innovative food products and takes part in the annual Ecotrophelia competition, a huge European competition for innovation in the food industry. 

Contact : [email protected]

International DNA

International DNA is an association made up of French and international students helping the latter (whether they are in France to obtain a diploma or just for one semester) to settle into the school, but also feel welcome in France by organizing outings in Paris. 

Contact : [email protected]


The association SBConsult provides support for students carrying out paid assignments originating directly from companies. These companies consequently improve their productivity thanks to the students’ sound scientific knowledge, but also thanks to a well-managed project. Students recruited by the SBConsult team for these assignments delve into the corporate world, enjoy the experience and create a network for themselves. 

Contact : [email protected]

Sup’Board Games

« Sup’Board Games is a board game club with a great atmosphere. Weekly game sessions are open to all students, alone or in a group, for a friendly get together after classes. A selection of traditional or atypical board games are available to one and all so that everyone can have fun. »

Contact : [email protected]

Sup’Bio Dance

Sup’Bio Dance is a SupBiotech, EPITA and EPITEC association where everyone is welcome whatever your level or danse style! Rock, Hip-Hop, Bollywood, K-pop, Salsa or even tap dansing, we welcome all dansing enthusiasts. The main objective is to have a good time, learn together, but also liven up campus events, (forums, balls, after class activities), or post choreographic sequences on social media.   

The association was voted « Best Association in France » from the Association rankings of 2022.

Contact : [email protected]


Sup’IAHM is Sup’Biotech’s international humanitarian mission association. Everyone has the right to an education and access to reading and writing. Sup’IAHM want to help young people receive an education through school-building missions throughout the world. At the moment the project is set up in Togo in a village called Abodjé.

The association works with teams on site, but also organises events and the making of class sweaters, the proceeds of which go to the project. 

Contact : [email protected]


Symbioz is the school’s LGBTQIA+ association. Their objectives are to raise awareness among the students of the risks linked to sexually diverse and gender-based practices, to fight against discrimination and to promote a favorable environment for all sexualities and genders. With this aim in mind, the association organises fun after-class discussions on relevant topics, shows films and series and someone is always on hand to receive questions anonymously.

Contact : [email protected]


The association Vulgaris is devoted to the popularization of science and every week releases content in the form of YouTube videos, but also Instagram posts or magazines to help students develop critical thinking on various different subjects (climate change, cancer, endometriosis etc.). The association is visible on social media and has its own web site.

Contact : [email protected]

The Fox chronicles

« The SJA is the journalism club at Sup’Biotech. Objective: produce a newspaper featuring school and world news written by the students themselves. The newspaper, designed like a historical publication, combines redacting and editing in line with significant events on campus. The students are also active on Instagram posting weekly articles on current issues and news items. »

Contact : [email protected]

Tech My Wine

Tech My Wine is an association for Sup’Biotech students to discover the world of œnology through wine tastings for example, led by professionals or students.

Contact : [email protected]

Excessive consumption of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.

About Sup’Biotech

Sup’Biotech is a school specialized in Biotechnology which provide an
innovative course taught over 5 years after the highschool Degree.
The school is close to both the world of scientific research as well as the
corporate world ans has signed partnerships with universities globally.
Graduates gain quick access to senior position both in France and
abroad in such fields as health and pharmaceuticals, food-processing
innovation, cosmetics, bioinformatics or the environment.
The studies, combining academic fundamentals, student projects and
internships are divided into two parts according to European standards:
the preparatory cycle (2 years) and the engineering cycle (3 years).
Sup’Biotech’s Biotechnology engineering program is accredited by
Medicen Paris Région and Industries and Agro-Resources (I.A.R.).
Sup’Biotech also offers an apprenticeship program starting at the
baccalaureate level, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology,
which is accessible after highschool Degree.


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