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Job openings and professions after Sup’Biotech

The education at Sup’Biotech allows young graduates to hold specific positions in the field of Biotechnologies.

Job openings

Job openings are diversified at the end of Sup’Biotech. The most represented positions are Research Engineers, Process Engineers, Production or Quality Engineers, Regulatory Affairs Officers, Product Managers, Marketing Managers or Business Developers in corporations in the fields of Health, Agri-business, Cosmetics, Environment or Bio-informatics.

Some continue their studies with a PhD or a specialized Master, other create their own business and become entrepreneurs.

Class of 2017: Current situation (data: April 2018):


Class of 2017: Field of activity (data: April 2018):

*Companies which activities are composed of at least 2 biological sectors (ex: Agri-business + cosmetics)

Class of 2017: Jobs (data: April 2018):

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