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Stem Cells and Genetic Engineering

Stem cell engineering has emerged over the past decade as an important field of research and application.

This field ranges from basic stem cell research to the development of models, tools and advanced stem cell biomanufacturing as well as the development of stem cell-based products and applications.

There are a variety of ways that engineers and engineering approaches can contribute to the development of stem cell research and to the translation of the basic biology of stem cells into therapies and commercial applications.

stem cell research

This summer program has been designed to provide the tools necessary to understand the field of stem cells and their applications, and some aspects of regenerative medicine.

Students will explore what make stem cells unique, with a specific focus on their characterization and their function.

The program will expose students to the advancements in the field and current understanding of various stem cells ranging from adult stem cells to embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells.

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