Cosmetology and Product Development

The various cosmetics market is estimated at 200Bn€ in 2017 (Source: L’Oréal Finance). This market is driven by innovation, quality and perceived results.

The consumer is more and more aware and attached to those values. Indeed, dermo-cosmetic brands have to update their strategy to answer to new customer expectations. The customers expect to better understand its skin and have a real personalized offer. Thus, before thinking developing a cosmetic product, the first step is to understand on which part of the body the cosmetics will be applied: the concept of skin territory. Therefore, understanding the skin and how it interacts with its environment is the key step in the product development.

Sup’Biotech has understood quite soon that the double expertise, scientific and marketing, is required to reach the innovation.

This international summer program, Cosmetics and Product Engineering, has been elaborated by integrating those two expertises and is offering students a condensed formation of the developing process of a cosmetic product.

When ?

  • Postponed to 2022

About Sup’Biotech

Sup’Biotech is a school specialized in Biotechnology located in the south of Paris, France. We provide an innovative course taught over five years after the high school diploma. The school is close to both the world of scientific research as well as the corporate world and has signed partnerships with universties globally. Graduates gain quick access to senior positions both in France and abroad in such fields as health and pharmaceuticals, food-processing innovation, cosmetics, bioinformatics, or the environment. The program is constructed around the model put in place by the international LMD reform: the Bachelor of Biotechnology cycle (3 years) and the Expertise cycle (2 years).

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