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Bioinformatics Research Laboratory

BIRL is the bioinformatics research lab at Sup’Biotech, created in 2011. As it interfaces with pharmaceutical research, BIRL develops computer chemistry and molecular modeling platforms in silico for research on small molecules of therapeutic interest.

The lab is particularly interested in the development of multi-functional analysis techniques of structure-activity relationships of protein families with the goal of creating selective inhibitors for each of the protein families that are therapeutic targets. The transfer of knowledge between anti-cancerous molecules and anti-malarial molecules is an application of these techniques. The development of these platforms in silico aims at promoting synergy between industrial knowhow and the development of technological tools specific to academic research.

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laboratoire de Biotechnologie Informatique de Sup'Biotech

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Jean-Yves Trosset

Dr. Jean-Yves Trosset

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