Bioinformatics Research Laboratory (BIRL)

The Sup’Biotech BIRL develops in silico (i.e., computer-based) tools that apply computational chemistry, molecular modeling, and theoretical systems biology to simulate molecular and cellular processes.

BIRL Activities

Discovering modulators of cellular growth and metabolism

The BIRL’s primary goal is to identify modulators of cellular growth and metabolism. Means of inhibiting or increasing the growth of highly proliferative cells have many applications, from bioproduction to therapeutic research aimed at fighting cancer and parasitic diseases. The creation of qualitative and quantitative models of metabolism furthers therapeutic research into the mechanisms of action behind certain anticancer treatments and leads to the discovery of ways to enhance the production of secondary metabolites with high added value, like biofuels.

Developing in silico tools

BIRL research relies on

  • the use of existing bioinformatic tools employed by the pharmaceutical industry
  • the production of new computer tools or models of biological processes (i.e., metabolism) to meet research needs
  • expertise in mathematics and statistics, a central pillar of the research strategy

The aim in developing these in silico platforms is to have industrial expertise inform the development of high-tech tools for academic research, and vice versa. In concrete terms, our work leads to the discovery of new medicines (e.g., antimalarials and anticancer drugs) and the development of organisms that can be used in the most promising fields of application for biotechnology (e.g., fermentation and biofuels). 
Each year, several Sup’Biotech student interns participate in BIRL projects. This contributes valuably to their education and also benefits the laboratory, which is eager to welcome students interested in bioinformatics.

Dr. Jean-Yves TROSSET

Dr. Alexandre ISMAIL

Dr. Ouerdia ARKOUN

About Sup’Biotech

Sup’Biotech is a school specialized in Biotechnology located in the south of Paris, France. We provide an innovative course taught over five years after the high school diploma. The school is close to both the world of scientific research as well as the corporate world and has signed partnerships with universties globally. Graduates gain quick access to senior positions both in France and abroad in such fields as health and pharmaceuticals, food-processing innovation, cosmetics, bioinformatics, or the environment. The program is constructed around the model put in place by the international LMD reform: the Bachelor of Biotechnology cycle (3 years) and the Expertise cycle (2 years).

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