Biotechnology & Society Division (PBS)

The objective of the Sup’Biotech PBS is to conduct research on societal questions raised by the development of biotechnologies. These research efforts essentially rely on sociology (e.g., anthropology and the sociology of innovation), political science, and the information and communication sciences.

Biotechnology and Its Applications

The general theme of research in our laboratory is biotechnology—e.g., new techniques for genetic engineering, synthetic biology, cloning, xenografts, and the use of stem cells—as it is applied in diverse settings.
The approach adopted invites us to understand how such technologies translate into action, in terms of both their applications for the use of living tissues and organisms (e.g., therapy, domestication, and manufacturing) and the innovations they may prompt.

Research Areas

Biotechnologies and Biomedicine

Investigations into these various topics are grouped into two main areas of research. The first looks at biotechnologies as they concern biomedicine.

We objectively document and describe the role of biotechnologies in the field of biomedicine, remaining attentive to the innovations they may yield and the potential repercussions of their use.

Transgenics, Biodiversity, and the Environment

The second area of research is focused on the relationship between biotechnologies and the environment. We look at the use of biotechnology in connection with ecological issues of societal import—namely, climate change, sustainability transition, and ecological engineering.

Instruction in Social Science during the Program of Studies

This research supplements social science instruction received throughout the program of studies. Sup’Biotech students are taught to articulate modes of questioning and reasoning that address the interactions between biotechnologies and society. Thus they hone their ability to frame, define, and analyze problems arising from the use of biotechnologies in relation to the context of their application.

Each year Sup’Biotech student interns participate in PBS activities by leading a specialized seminar (“Expertise” cycle) on a current topic for other students. It is an extremely enriching experience.


Dr. Cécile VERMOT

About Sup’Biotech

Sup’Biotech is a school specialized in Biotechnology located in the south of Paris, France. We provide an innovative course taught over five years after the high school diploma. The school is close to both the world of scientific research as well as the corporate world and has signed partnerships with universties globally. Graduates gain quick access to senior positions both in France and abroad in such fields as health and pharmaceuticals, food-processing innovation, cosmetics, bioinformatics, or the environment. The program is constructed around the model put in place by the international LMD reform: the Bachelor of Biotechnology cycle (3 years) and the Expertise cycle (2 years).

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