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Short Term Programs

Summer Programs

This three-week program is the opportunity for students to come to Sup'Biotech for a unique learning experience.


Come to Sup’Biotech for a unique learning experience :
develop your project and bring it home!

From Stem Cells to Food Science, you will have the opportunity to experience the inductive pedagogy of the school while developing and acquiring knowledge and competences in Biotechnology.

Integrate our labs, immerse yourself into our innovative environment and emerge as a real Biotech Player.

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The definite program will be available at a later time.

Customized Programs

Sup’Biotech will customize any Biotechnology-related program to meet your needs. If you have an idea of the length of the program, its content and the number of participants, contact us at international@supbiotech.fr. We can help you to build a cost effective program ideally starting from 10 students by adjusting the types and number of activities.

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