The Permaculture Revolution Comes to Sup’Biotech!

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As part of their Sup’Biotech Innovation Project (SBIP), a group of enterprising Sup’Biotech students have set up a permaculture ecosystem in an unitilized patch of earth next to one of the educational buildings.

“This was previously a very inactive part of campus”, said Jonathan Naccache of the plot of land where they set up their farm. “We wanted to rehabilitate the soil and give the area new life.”

SBIP 1.jpg

The ecosystem was constructed using waste materials acquired at industrial zones. It utilizes a self-sustaining virtuous cycle in which the waste products created by some plants feed the growth of the others. It also uses a high degree of biodiversity in order to reinvigorate the soil with nitrates and other fertility-providing compounds.

SBIP 2.jpg

The students said they had not previously worked on permaculture-related projects, but simply felt passionate about the idea and had a great time putting it into motion. They haven’t set their sights on transforming agriculture practices, just on reinvigorating the interest in agriculture on Sup’Biotech’s campus.

“The school didn’t have a great agricultural life before”, said Antoine Alliaume. “We hope this idea will catch on and inspire or motivate others to take part in permaculture.”

Posted on 21/04/2017

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