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2 Sup’Biotech Students Go to Amsterdam for Study Abroad Fair

Student life

2 Sup’Biotech students were sent to Amsterdam’s Radboud University to represent their school while attending Radboud’s international fair.

The event, Radboud Beyond Borders Live, took place at Radboud’s Nijmegen campus as part of the Faculty of Science’s study abroad week. The students were invited to strengthen the connection between the two schools and participated in several site visits, a dinner with the faculty board and guided tours within the department of study. They also gave a presentation promoting Sup’Biotech during the information evening for study abroad.

“Everything is going great”, said Sup’Biotech student Solène Foe. “We had a really nice first day!”

“It started a bit roughly because there was an accident on the railroad, so there was no train to Nijmegen from the airport. We struggled for 3 hours and arrived an hour late; unfortunately we missed the welcome speech.”

Telescop pic.jpg

“The rest of the day was more positive. We met the other embassadors: two Spanish girls from Barcelona, a German boy and two German girls from different universities and a boy from Glasgow. We plan on getting more information about their respective universities soon. We are accompanied by the Beyond Border Welcoming committee of three boys and two girls. Everybody is really friendly and we all got along very quickly!”

On Tuesday the students visited the city and the school’s astrology department.

Check in soon for more information about Sup’Biotech students’ travels!


Posted on : 11 April 2017
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