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Student Life

Student life

Student life at Sup’Biotech is very active, with new student clubs and associations created each year. All student clubs and associations receive advice and support from Sup’Biotech.

Extra-curricular life at Sup’Biotech is an important source of personal growth for each student. Students learn how to exceed their own expectations, gain a sense of responsibility and community and develop leadership, interpersonal and organizational skills. Student life represents a fundamental component of the school’s educational goals. Belonging to an association is a valuable tool in the job search process.

What if your ideal association doesn’t exist? What if you have a community project in mind and would like to involve others? We’d love to help you launch a new association. Go for it! Having a great extracurricular experience at Sup’Biotech could help pave your way to success. Put your talent and your energy to work for others and make the impossible possible. Recruiters will be impressed with your initiative.

BDE Lama’sse (Student Office)

They are responsible for enriching student life through various activities:

  • Welcoming new students
  • Associations’ Forum
  • Orientation weekend
  • Christmas Gala
  • Ski trip
  • Drinks, crêpes, bake sale
  • The end-of-the-year gala at a prestigious location
  • Fundraiser for charitable associations
  • And bringing together professors and students for various events…

The associations


MHIGE : (Mission Humanitaire Inter Grandes Ecoles) Inter-Scholastic Humanitarian Mission

The MHIGE is the largest student humanitarian association in France and is composed of many satellite offices, one of which is at Sup’Biotech. Our goal is to come to the aid of countries in the Balkans. For three years we have been supporting children in Kosovo. Over the course of the year, we collect medical and school supplies, we organize events at the school and we approach sponsors. This work is entirely dedicated to the preparation of a humanitarian convoy that takes place in April.

This year, we organized snacks, breakfasts and lunches. We participated in a market and also organized a very successful evening event!

The visit of the ambassador of Kosovo, Mr. Muhamedin Kullashi, on March 19th, 2014, was a highlight of the year.

Sup’Biotech Alumni (DSB- Diplômés de Sup’Biotech)

The Alumni Assocation at Sup’Biotech’s role is to create a network of former students’ to perpetuate and secure the schools’ culture and promote professional exchanges in the future.

When we recognize the importance of a network of graduates for business and career development, we understand that it is best to start early. We would like to ensure that all Sup’Biotech graduates see the value of maintaining ties to the school.


Cook&Lab brings together “high tech” cooks from Sup’Biotech who showcase molecular cuisine for the general public, through tastings during open house days and student nights: they are famous for their sparkling chocolates. They lead discovery days with their innovative cooking, and teach visitors how to create their own exploding cocktails!

They also fulfill a catering role at larger Sup’Biotech events: for the ten-year anniversary party, for example, they prepared bite-sized tomato and yellow pepper on a bed of rose caramel. The city of Villejuif regularly asks them to appear at events or inaugurations.

This year, Cook&Lab has begun offering cooking courses in partnership with the Esselières, a local restaurant, on different themes related to flowers and spring fruit.


SBConsult’ is a registered non-profit association managed and administered by the students at Sup’Biotech. This association works with biotechnology businesses that need efficient, effective consulting services. SBConsult’ puts the diligence, energy, expertise and innovation of Sup’Biotech’s students to work for these business clients.

Since 2011, SBConsult’ has approached corporations in order to allow students to:

  • Work on projects related to their professional development
  • Develop practical skills
  • Develop a professional network
  • Fund their studies

Contact information


Petri is an association created in 2013, whose goal is to promote and organize cultural events (outings, conferences, courses, activites), for students, primary in Paris.

This association organized theater improvisation courses and regularly updates its Facebook page with the help of students with many interesting ideas. They participate in different events such as the zombie walk, sidaction and they also have a newsletter.

Sports Office at Sup’Biotech BD2S

The Sports Office at Sup’Biotech (BD2S) was created in 2014, with the goal of bringing people together through sports. We participate in sporting events such as the ‘Challenge du Monde des Grandes Ecoles et Universités’ (World Challenge of Higher Education Schools and Universities) and the Color Run. BD2S is looking forward to 2015-2016: daily training will help students prepare for interscholastic sports events and festivities.

Bio Campus

Biocampus promotes sustainable development at Sup’Biotech. Students from various disciplines work together on shared experiences around sustainability. This association’s activities range from sustainability education to technical studies of topics such as waste, energy and water management.

Bio Campus helps students develop project management skills; students also learn how to implement environmental initiatives that will help them in their careers.

Music Association

This association’s goal is to bring together many groups with very different music styles. They put together musical evenings and events at Sup’Biotech with pop rock songs that have hit the charts in the last few years.


The Dance Association gets students’ moving! to the rhythm of the music. Each year they organize a performance for the Sup’Biotech gala. They also created a cheerleading squad to cheer on the BD2S and Episport at the CDMGE. They also organize dance classes.

About SupBiotech

SupBiotech is a school specialized in Biotechnology which provide an
innovative course taught over 5 years after the highschool Degree.
The school is close to both the world of scientific research as well as the
corporate world ans has signed partnerships with universities globally.
Graduates gain quick access to senior position both in France and
abroad in such fields as health and pharmaceuticals, food-processing
innovation, cosmetics, bioinformatics or the environment.
The studies, combining academic fundamentals, student projects and
internships are divided into two parts according to European standards:
the preparatory cycle (2 years) and the engineering cycle (3 years).
Sup’Biotech’s Biotechnology engineering program is accredited by
Medicen Paris Région and Industries and Agro-Resources (I.A.R.).
Sup’Biotech also offers an apprenticeship program starting at the
baccalaureate level, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology,
which is accessible after highschool Degree.


Privately Endowed Graduate Educational Institution - Education Authority of Créteil Registration - This school is a member of IONIS Education Group such as :