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Congratulation to the 2015 promotion

A few days ago, students from the Sup’Biotech 2015 promotion have received their diploma of Expert in Biotechnologies, at the occasion of the graduation ceremony that took place at the “Maison de la Mutualité”.

15DIPL_0394.jpgThey have worked very hard to reach that point and we want to congratulate them for this accomplishment!

This promotion has also welcome three international students from our partner ULT (Université Libre de Tunis). The three of them have, thanks to our exchange agreement, pursued a double diploma in Sup’Biotech and, with great motivation, graduated from it.

15DIPL_0375.jpg15DIPL_0320.jpg15DIPL_0451.jpgThe professional world is now opening to all of them! We wish all our former students to enjoy their new life and are sure that they will benefit from these five years spent at Sup’Biotech, from which they have gained all the tools that will help them develop their skills in their new environment.

Congratulations to all of you!

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About SupBiotech

SupBiotech is a school specialized in Biotechnology which provide an
innovative course taught over 5 years after the highschool Degree.
The school is close to both the world of scientific research as well as the
corporate world ans has signed partnerships with universities globally.
Graduates gain quick access to senior position both in France and
abroad in such fields as health and pharmaceuticals, food-processing
innovation, cosmetics, bioinformatics or the environment.
The studies, combining academic fundamentals, student projects and
internships are divided into two parts according to European standards:
the preparatory cycle (2 years) and the engineering cycle (3 years).
Sup’Biotech’s Biotechnology engineering program is accredited by
Medicen Paris Région and Industries and Agro-Resources (I.A.R.).
Sup’Biotech also offers an apprenticeship program starting at the
baccalaureate level, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology,
which is accessible after highschool Degree.


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